Optical measurement for electronic displays and embedded systems


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Optical measurement for electronic displays and embedded systems

Optical measurement services for electronic displays and embedded systems

Wammes & Partner offers optical measurement services with its own equipment for the qualification and measurement of displays with its own equipment, both macroscopically and microscopically. Measured are among other things are viewing angles, light, reflexion, transmittance, contrast, polarization, retardation, MURA, spectral resolution, gamut, CRI, and so on.

In addition, a combination of optical values (angle, area, temperature, humidity) can be measured.

The advantages of our optical measurement methods are a high point density and speed of measurement, which can lead to holistic evaluations and assessments.

From whom, for what and to what extent can Wammes & Partner's optical measurement services be used?

The application possibilities of optical metrology are manifold, either directly in application-related systems (optical metrology) or for project support. Some examples are during design, actual data acquisition, quality controls / screening, inspections (e.g. target/actual comparison), production, prototyping, topography measurement, surface metrology or reverse engineering.

Optical measurements, services and troubleshooting using measurement services can be booked either regularly on a B2B partner basis, but also project-related or independently.

In addition to scientific measurements, we also support you in consulting or training.

Find out more on our homepage and simply contact our display experts and trade fair experts directly.

The earlier scientific measurement and analyzing services are used in the project, the more you can save in annoyance and resources during the course of the project if important information, e.g. regarding humidity, detection of fungal infestation or incorrect settings (e.g. reflection, polarisation, spectral resolution) of the displays are determined.