Special light due to Plasma e³ light source


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Special light due to Plasma e³ light source

Special light sources with plasma light e³ technology

Depending on the application, special light sources are used for different requirements.

Wammes & Partner offers a special plasma based light source called e³ (energy efficient excitation) as a light generating solution. The plasma-based light source provides the main advantages of operating the light extremely efficiently and with an extremely long service life, resulting in minimal consumption of resources over the entire life cycle.

The highlight, however, is that the e³ plasma light provides a very beautiful light that can be dynamically adapted to all lighting requirements. In addition to its purely industrial application for special machines, it is also ideally suited for office lighting and even living rooms, as it displays a very natural light spectrum. A special feature: e³ plasma light can withstand very high temperatures (over 300° C).

This light source is also very environmentally friendly, as it is very energy-saving and ecological from production to disposal, reuse and recycling.

Plasma light lamps

We use e³ plasma light for individual customer projects. Luminaires are not products for end customers but unfinished lighting elements which could be called "newcomers" or "light blanks". But these bring everything necessary for light sources. This includes light generation with control to simple mechanical and electrical interfaces.

A luminaire provides infinite freedom in design as a buffer between the actual light source and a lamp, luminaire or lighting solution, whatever its design.

Thanks to the interfaces, our B2B customers can simply finish the plasma-light luminaires themselves and design them in such a way that they fit precisely into the required application.

For customers, this means that all but the integration of the other work steps have already been implemented by our display specialists. Depending on the last work step, the integration, the function, the luminaire design, the size and performance, the concrete specification and thus quality (which is outstanding for us from the outset) is determined by you. In consultation with you, you also determine the number of units converted.

Because luminaires can be designed very differently for the most diverse requirements, from "simply light" to "that's completely new". We help you with our technical creativity and advise you competently and cost-consciously.


In the next development stage, the V-Light (variable light), daylight simulation for natural light is offered. This means that the light colour can be adjusted dynamically during the day without any loss in light quality (CRI). This V-Light of the e³-illuminants therefore produces almost daylight with all its dynamics.

In summary, e³ plasma lamps in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colour spectra can be implemented, which are easily equal to other light sources in terms of energy efficiency, longevity, CRI and colour fidelity. In addition, the e³ luminaires and the light colour can be electrically controlled and regulated via interfaces. Its special durability, even at extreme temperatures (over 300 degrees centigrade), make it an interesting light source wherever special lighting is required.