Display decontamination of mould, dirt and pests


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Display decontamination of mould, dirt and pests

Display Decontamination

Decontamination of displays is the removal of dirt, mould or pests that have "settled" inside an electronic display or embedded system.

Wammes & Partner GmbH is specialized in a scientific analysis for the exact clarification of the type and extent of the infestation, as well as to determine and eliminate the causes. Then it will be balanced whether and how the decontamination can take place.

Here a predominant part of the contamination takes the mold fungus or spore infestation as well as the penetration of mites. The trigger for this is, for example, the penetration of dust, sand and moisture into the (embedded) displays. Mould, among other things, can also spread here.

All decontamination measures are implemented in our facilities. As display consultants and decontamination consultants, we offer training and detailed advice to prevent later contamination. It is crucial for our display troubleshooters to always find the causes of display infestation or soiling.

Because when displays fail or no longer work reliably, there are often no electrical or mechanical root causes, as is often assumed. Often they are leaking and thus partially contaminated or moisture and infestation were already installed or locked in during production and have then multiplied well in the hermetically sealed housing. The consequences are short circuits, corrosion, mould, mite infestation or other fungi, and thus downtime/failure of the affected devices.

Here it always depends on the exact application, the design of the overall system and the local environmental influences or special conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, to which the electronic displays and embedded systems are exposed. If a display is leaking, sand can get in through shock and vibrations or so-called mini-damp biotopes for spores and mould can develop through moisture, which, however, can hardly or not at all be perceived from the outside. Our systematic and scientific error analysis finds display problems such as moisture and can detect and eliminate fungal or mite infestation of the displays.

The earlier you contact Wammes & Partner with display problems or problems with embedded systems, the sooner any mould infestation can be detected and eliminated - without loosing the device. Often only slight system changes are necessary to bring about a lasting and sustainable solution. If corrosion on PCBs and semiconductors is detected too late, the display may not be saved. Involve us in the development of electronic displays and embedded systems early on in your processes, and we check all components and the structure of the corresponding displays to avoid systematic errors and trouble. We would be happy to train your team on the prevention of display contamination and what to look out for in order to avoid contamination and its problems.