Optical Bonding Expert for Electronic Displays


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Optical Bonding Expert for Electronic Displays

Optical bonding

Optical Bonding refers very often to the connection of touch properties and the monitor of an HMI (Human Machine Interface). Topics such as tightness, bubble-free, as clear and permanent gap filling as possible, connecting touch functions, safety issues, optical design approaches and the image generating pane of various displays, screens and embedded systems.

What are the general advantages of optical bonding?

By bonding and thus eliminating air gaps, light refraction and reflection is reduced and contrast is significantly increased. Clear display and better readability without increasing the power consumption and good light transmission with optimized representation on the display are the result. Another advantage is that glare from external light sources is significantly reduced.

The shock resistance of electronic displays is also significantly increased, making the display more robust and durable and withstanding mechanical stress and shocks. Of course, the display is also less sensitive to scratches - if an additional protective screen is applied.

Display Troubleshooting for Optical Bonding

As a display problem solver for the analysis of optical bonding problems and methods, Wammes & Partner GmbH is fully involved in the Analysis of display problems and third-party laminated parts. Our claim is a non-destructive examination and clarification to solve display problems. We verify the selection of materials, adhesives or processes used to implement possible process and material alternatives for electronic displays. We are NOT in a position to offer large quantities ourselves, but we work together with corresponding service providers who also realize large quantities. We cover process development, sample quantities and "fire fighting actions" ourselves. Wammes & Partner also provides competent support in the area of training courses and lectures on optical bonding and display errors.

Wammes & Partner, the professional troubleshooter for Electronic Displays supports you in all technical/systemic problems concerning electronic displays and embedded systems