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Wammes: Your Electronic Display Troubleshooter and Problem Solver for displays and embedded systems

With Wammes & Partner GmbH you benefit from over 20 years of experience and expertise in planning, development, design, manufacture, maintenance and problem solving in electronic displays, especially in extreme environments. Extreme conditions such as heat, humidity, cold, pressure, etc. require precise coordination of all display components. Our scientific approach helps you to find problems in your electronic display application case for all manufacturers.

Are you a manufacturer, professional user or integrator of electronic displays and have a display problem?

Our electronic Display Troubleshooting helps you to find and analyze the errors / display problems. Our display consultants examine not only the electronic display but all components interdisciplinary for possible causes of errors, no matter whether it concerns heat management (heat management), optical bonding, optical measuring services, handling special light sources, decontamination or other scientific questions on the subject of electronic and embedded displays, such as plasma physics. In addition to displays measurement, electronic display error analysis and display bug fixing, we train your employees on the subject of electronic displays and the possible sources of errors and troubles in other materials, components, systems and processes that affect displays. During necessary decontamination processes we help you to remove and permanently prevent mite, fungal and spore infestation of electronic displays and embedded systems.

Your scientific service provider and consultant for R&D, conception, production and after sales support of electronic displays and embedded systems

As display experts, we also help you directly during design and development of electronic displays in extreme conditions, so that appropriate use cases, used materials and systems are designed from the outset in such a way that possible display disturbances in heat, cold, humidity, etc. are eliminated or sensibly managed. As a scientific service provider for electronic displays and through our scientific centre for electronic displays (EDCG - Electronic-Displays-Center in Gundersheim between Worms and Mainz) you as manufacturer, system integrator or operator are in the best hands at Wammes & Partner. The entire workflow of the technical HMI design of electronic displays is optimally designed for you with appropriate experience, state-of-the-art technology and measuring instruments.

Technical focus of display and embedded troubleshooting:

The focus of display troubleshooting and services for electronic displays is on optical bonding, embedded displays, heat management, 3D volumetric display, system integration, electronic display troubleshooting and technical analyses of electronic displays.

Optical bonding mainly involves the selection of materials, the corresponding process including critical parameters, fault analysis and training as well as the systemic tech. design, as well as self-learning systems that recognize gesture movements and increasingly correct mistakes themselves. Due to the high demands on functions (e.g. sensors) and performance, embedded displays, or embedded systems, error analysis is of enormous importance during the design of new displays. The thermal management of a display is another sticking point. Displays and embedded systems must be designed in such a way that they cannot overheat and the entire embedded system remains fully functional even if affected by heat or cold - i.e. the mechanical coordination of the components used with respect to the expansion coefficients must also be taken into account. Another emerging factor in electronic displays is volumetric / light field 3D capability. This is developed with the help of physical laws. This is not only possible because of our scientific understanding and background, but also because Wammes & Partner's electronic display experts and troubleshooters deal with current research and help to determine it with their expertise.

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